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Natural Mica
We are offering natural mica which is resistant to the effects of radiations and hence finds wide use in the radiation detectors, wherein it is installed in its windows. It is known for having special mechanical features, making it simpler for cutting, stamping and punching.

Mica Paper
We are offering avant-garde mica paper, which is extensively used to make moldings, figurines, decorations, and many other products. Its salient attributes are abrasion resistance, excellent fortification, and exceptional surface polish & durability.

Mica Heat Insulating Material
Mica is an excellent insulator of both electricity and heat. Another top feature of mica is that it can tolerate extreme temperatures. Transparent in visibility, mica is the ideal heat insulating material for use in an electric iron.

Mica Heating Elements
Mica heating elements are mostly used to insulate heat from electrical equipment, such as rice cookers, heaters, irons, and many more. These are available in a variety of designs, wattages, and voltages. This makes them ideal for use in household appliances like toasters, rice cookers, and others.

Mica Tapes
The mica tapes are used in the situations when the temperatures reach 700 degrees Celsius or higher. In addition to this, these are also used for surface winding and in fire retardant cables. These are selected on parameters of core, length, and width.

Mica Splitting Based Material
Mica is one such material, which is known for having nearly perfect basal cleavage. This feature of mica allows its splitting into the thinnest sheets with full assurance of zero crack or breakage. We assure the best quality of mica splitting based material.

Nickel Chromium Alloy Wire & Ribbon
We are offering top grade nickel chromium alloy wire & ribbon that can survive voltage variations because of their outstanding resistance to nitriding and carburizing. These are long-lasting and are widely used in industries such as chemical processing, thermal processing, and others.

Commutator Insulation
The commutator is a product that is manufactured by the use of copper segments. In the commutator, mica sheets are used to insulate the said segments as well as mount them on the machines shaft.

Ground & Packing Insulation
We are offering different types of sheets, including Mica sheets that are perfect for ground & packing insulation. The flexible composite mica sheet allows in maintaining the desired thickness in the products, where they are used.

Traction Motor Insulation
We are offering mica tapes, which are a preferred product for traction motor insulation. These tapes are offered in a variety of sizes, thickness, widths and forms. The tapes used for traction motor insulation provide maximum adherence and stickiness.