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Market leader providing superlative quality Mica Flakes, Mica Insulating Material, Mica Sheet, Mica Tape, and other Mica Products & Mica based-insulation Materials for varied industrial applications.

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Key Features:

  • Chemically inert
  • Refractive and resilient
  • Stable when exposed to moisture and extreme temperature
  • Excellent electrical properties as an insulator
  • Available in safe packaging
About Us

About Us

Ruby Mica Co. Ltd. was established in 1968 for manufacturing highly innovative and optimum quality mica-based electro-thermal insulating materials like MICA TAPE, MICA SHEET, etc. to meet the diverse industrial applications around the globe. Backed with over 46 years of experience, we have consistently evolved in consonance with the dynamic market needs for innovative insulation solutions for the electrical industry. Our state-of-the-art, fully integrated manufacturing facility enables us have complete control over the production process, right from the product conceptualization phase to micro-product developmental stage leading to ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our growth has its foundation on our capability to do innovation. We have deep knowledge of the chemical, physical, thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties of and how it can be utilized through innovative techniques to develop modern insulation solutions for various industries. Our capability to do innovation has led to the creation of several marvellous products such as Mica Sheet, Mica Tape, Rigid Mica Laminate, Fiberglass Composites, Glass / Mica Folium, PET Film / Mica Tape, Resin-Rich Insulation System: Glass / Mica Resin-rich Tape, Uniform Kapton / Mica Tape, Flexible Micanite Sheet, Nicrolive, Glass Mica Cable (GMCAB) Tape, Glass Mica Cable Tape Reinforced with Polyester Film (GMPCAB) Tape and several others. With our innovative and optimum quality products we serve several well-known government and private sector corporations. We also cater to the demands of India's largest serving unit, India Railways.