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Adding value to the intrinsic properties of mica with innovative technology and processes to enable our customers manufacture superior products that make the world a better and safer place to live in.


To be recognized as performance-leader in the mica-manufacturing industry by achieving profitable growth through operational excellence, innovation, quality and commitment to customer service.

Product Range

We offer optimum quality thermal and electrical insulation solutions to our customers worldwide. We have developed a world class range of products as follows:

  • Mica Paper
  • Rigid Mica Laminate
  • Flexible Mica Laminate
  • Fiberglass Composites
  • Glass / Mica Folium
  • Heating Elements
  • Polyimide Film Tape
  • PET Film / Mica Tape
  • Glass / Mica Tape
  • Resin-Rich Insulation System: Glass / Mica Resin-rich Tape,
  • Resin-Poor Insulation System: Glass / Mica VPI Tape
  • Glass / Mica / PET Film Tape
  • Glass / Micanite / PET Film Tape
  • Glass / Micanite Folium
  • Uniform Kapton / Mica Tape
  • Uniform Glass / Mica Tape
  • Hot Molding Micanite Sheet
  • Flexible Micanite Sheet
  • Glass / Micanite / Glass Sheet
  • Flexible Mica Sheet
  • Rigid Glass Mat
  • Mica Commutator Segments
  • Mica V-Rings
  • Nicrolive
    • Nickel Chromium- The Resistive Bunch
    • Nicrolive 80
    • Nicrolive 60
    • Nicrolive 40
  • Glass Mica Cable (GMCAB) Tape
  • Glass Mica Cable Tape Reinforced with Polyester Film (GMPCAB) Tape

Product Innovation

At Ruby Mica Co., we have developed a high performing range of mica tapes & Polyimide Film Tape especially for fire resistance cable insulation. After several years of intensive R&D we improvised the process of laminating mica paper and glass cloth together, creating a product that is impervious to twists and turns, rendering the mica paper layer invincible from all possibilities of surface cracking or peeling during its handling and application. In the unfortunate event of a fire the silicone binder in the mica tape undergoes pyrolysis forming a protective ceramic layer on the wire considerably enhancing the fire-fighting capabilities of cable tapes.

Making optimum use of the unique electrical and thermal characteristics of natural mica, we have created a special insulation system catering to the high-voltage motor and generator industry. These high-performance materials have excellent workability with dielectric and thermal properties to match. Starting from the subtle techniques of mica-tapping on conductor coils to VPI process, our products are fine-tuned to perform on exacting parameters. We strongly believe that good ingredients make a great end-product; hence we start by manufacturing g the highest-grade of mica paper ourselves; picking recommended backing materials and laminating them using world-renowned binding resins to keep product-aging in check besides granting them a longer shelf-life.

Over the years we have emerged as a one-stop shop for complete high-voltage rotating machine insulation system. Our status as an approved vendor to large corporate like Indian Railways (Chittranjan Locomotive Works, Diesel Modernization Works), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (Bhopal & Haridwar), and others, bears strong testimony our capability, expertise and commitment to quality. A highly-reliable products and honest pricing-policy comes as standard when you deal with us.